Saturday, January 27, 2007

No More Nate

Lost in the controversy of last year's dunk contest was the fact that by virtue of winning, Nate Robinson would automatically be invited back to defend his crown. And sure enough, it was announced that he would be in the dunk contest in Vegas on All-Star weekend. Terrific.

It is hard to believe I feel so negatively toward the former Washington Huskies little man, but he has gone from a player that appeared to have endless stamina and tons of heart to one of the most annoying characters in the league in just a few years time. His repeated attempts to perform that criss-cross dunk last year was borderline sociopathic behavior and I still contend that he was the worst actor in the recent Nuggets-Knicks brawl that cost Melo all those games. Not only that, but he has one of the worst assist rates in the league ... even though he is a backup point guard and stands 5'9".

Now we have to watch him try the same dunk 50 times again.

Let's just hope that they've either changed the scoring rules or that the judges aren't idiots this year.

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