Monday, May 22, 2006

Spoiler Alert!

Gotta weigh in on the season finale of 24. If you haven't watched it yet, don't read this.

1) Loved the solution to the Logan situation. I really couldn't figure out what was going on and thought that maybe Bauer had blown it. I was mortified. Nice twist, although I still wish Logan had shot himself in the head last week. I wonder if all Logan's minions are going down? What will be the fate of Miles Papasian? I hope that Novick develops some kung fu moves and kills him.

2) I still don't understand why they even bothered with the whole Bierko/escape/submarine thing. It was introduced and resolved within the span of like 1.5 episodes. What? Was it just to give Bauer a chance to gat Henderson (which was sweet)? Did they need some filler? The Logan chess match was riveting and was obviously the big plot point, so why even mess around with Bierko? I'm so confused by this. Oh well, at least we got to see Jack tell a petty officer that they were "running out of time" AND we got a Jack-breaks-Bierko's-kneck-with-his-legs kill for the ages.

3) Speaking of the Henderson gatting, I was glad to see someone finally acknowledge that Tony was dead. For half the season it was like it never happened. I think the writers finally realized that and put in some nice dialogue for Bauer to note that Henderson had killed his freaking best friend. There were like five other times where somebody discussed Henderson's crimes and never even mentioned Tony. That was lame. (By the way, I will admit that I was hoping these omissions were a sign that Tony was still alive. I also held out hope that Palmer would come bursting out of the casket to apprehend Logan. Okay, maybe not that part.)

4) Are we going to find out who those nerdy Bluetooth guys were? They looked like a bunch of corporate lawyers (trust me, not a compliment), not a syndicate capable of running the world. If you ask me, "24" was a little too much like "Alias" this season. I hope they get back to some gritty tales next year.

5) Why can't "24" ever leave us in peace? You know they are going to resolve this China situation during the first episode of Season Six, so why not just give us a happy ending? In season two, they tried to take a neatly wrapped up story (complete with Bauer's hilarious cheesy grin aimed at Kim in the stadium) and give it a cliffhanger by showing that weird guy on the boat and then having Mandy put that stuff on Palmer's hand. The next season it was Wayne Palmer saying, "Way to go, you busted the people who did that to you" and just wrapping that whole thing up during the first episode. Granted, it came up later, but come on. (Where did Wayne Palmer go, by the way? And are we sure that Secretary Heller is okay?)

That said, I would like to take credit for nailing this ending. I was so sure they were going to have Bauer get captured by the Chinese that I joked to a couple of people that I was going to pen the finale myself and register it so that I could turn around and sue for copyright infringement. You could see this a mile away. (Of course, back then I thought that Tony could go rescue him, but now that is out. Maybe they will bring back Chase for a rescue operation.)

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