Wednesday, March 08, 2006

World Baseball Classic

Don't look now, but the WBC is awesome. The crowds are bringing the energy, the players are loving it, the quality of the games has been good ... what's not to love? I think a lot of people had their doubts about how effective this tournament would be, but most of those doubts were wiped away with one swing of the bat when David Ortiz hit his first home run yesterday and sent the small crowd into hysterics. With numerous teams able to win it all and each of them carrying a strong fan base regardless of location, the games are poised to get even better as we move along. Consider this the place to post any thoughts on the games, ranging from the Dominican's big bats, the effect of the low pitch count rules, the fact that every Cuban pitcher is built like a pear, and the improbability of Brian Schneider being Team USA's starting catcher in game one.


Anonymous said...

Well, good thing you got this up on your blog. USA crapped the bed today. One of the biggest upsets I can remember. You were probably happy though, you hate Dontrelle Willis.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a pretty cool idea. i was kinda upset to find Ken Griffey in it. He's only healthy a few months a year, and I want those to be in a Cincy jersey, rather than a Team USA one

Larry Walker said...

How about USA almost getting the boot in pool play? More to the point, how about Canada getting eliminated? One day they are 2-0, leading Pool B, and coming off a huge upset win over the US, and the next day they are the odd man out. Is this thing flawed or is it just me?