Sunday, February 05, 2006

Worst Officiated Super Bowl Ever?

I can't say for sure, but this might have been the worst officiating in any Super Bowl. Seattle was constantly undermined by the officials and never given a chance to win. Here are just a few of the many horrible calls that come to mind:

- The offensive interference called on Darrell Jackson in the first half. Not only does Hines Ward push off on virtually every route, this wasn't even a push off. Jackson put his arm out for balance and to get himself untangled with the defensive back. Unbelievable that they called something that had previously gone unflagged probably a hundred times in 39 previous Super Bowls.

- The bizarre "undercut" call on Hasselbeck. I still have no idea what they were thinking. How does a guy make a tackle and get called for a blocking penalty? Not only that, but Roethlisberger actually did go low and undercut a guy on that Randel-El pass play moments later.

- The no-call when Alexander was drug down by Porter. This is the infamous "Horse Collar" play that was made famous in the offseason when the rule was changed (spawned by Roy Williams busting TO's leg last year). For such a recent and notorious rule, the refs sure didn't know about it. And here's the thing: Alexander had the corner and Porter's only hope was the old horse collar. You HAVE to call that.

- The phantom holding call on Locklear that negated a pass play to Stevens. Seattle would have had the ball at the one for a sure 17-14 lead. Instead ... well, you know how it went.

These are just the plays that come to mind. I didn't even count the disputed TD from the first half. What an embarrassing effort to cap off an embarrassing playoffs for NFL officials.


Adam Hoff said...

I can't recall feeling like a game was more misleading. The Steelers scored via three freak plays: the 3rd-and-28 heave leading to the disputed QB draw, the 75-yard run at the expense of the backup safety, and the trick play. Then there was the Seahawks just moving the ball at will but unable to cash in. I still can't believe the Steelers won.

The question is who cost Seattle the most? Here are your candidates:

- Mike Holmgren (poor play calling, the hideous clock disaster, attempting two field goals of 50 yards or longer).

- Jerramy Stevens (three huge drops).

- The officials.

Matt said...

You were way out in front on this one. Did you even wait for the game to end before posting that? Your time stamp indicates not. I find that interesting. Godo call though, this appears to be going down as the most poorly officiated Super Bowl of all time.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the quote from Steve Nash? It said it all. He was responding to a shady non-call on what appeared to be a goal tend by KG. His quote: "I felt like the Seattle Seahawks out there."

Ouch. The refs were so bad they are now the reference point for a bad call.

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