Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Gerald Green Draft

The Celtics are "lovin' it"
This is your one-stop shopping location for all discussion of the NBA Draft. The review of the Eastern Conference picks is up over at the mothership ( and the Western Conference breakdown will be up shortly. For now, feel free to use the comment option to leave scathing criticism for Isiah Thomas, Rob Babcock, or The Guru. Don't take any shots at me though, or I'll delete your post. Enjoy.


Jeff said...

That scoring system is pretty sweet, actually. You obviously weren't too sure about it, but it was a new way of trying to measure the results, which is good. It seemed like all the analysts praised certain picks, even if their draft board said the team should have picked someone else. This method holds teams to the players you originally identified as being the best fit, so that you don't get swayed after the fact. The only problem that I see is that your list is totally arbitrary, but that is the case for all such lists. Anyway, good job by both of you, it was a good read.

Also, you heard it here first. The steal of the draft is going to be Nate Robinson. You both felt he went too high, but just watch. He's going to be a combination of Spud Webb (hops and stature), Antonio Daniels (stifling pressure D), and Steve Francis (ability to get into the lane at will). Mark my words, he will be an All-Star in the not-too-distant-future.

Travis Dowdy said...

I'll admit I'm a huge UNC fan, and that it wasn't hard for me to grade Felton and May highly in the draft. But I really like what the Bobcats are doing.

Most experts said and I highly agree that this was a systems draft. Most of the players drafted in the 1st round were so similar in talent, that teams were drafting not so much by talent, but by which players fit their system the best. Otherwise, Utah would have drafted Chris Paul instead of Deron Williams.

Charlotte (my new favorite team) drafted to fit what I'm assuming is going to be an up tempo team. No one should really care what the team strengths were before the draft because this is still an expansion team.

In the expansion draft, they drafted young players who could keep them competative, while hoping to find some players who could step up and create trade value for draft picks and players at a later date that might fit their system.

As far as I'm concerned, the Bobcats walked into the draft with 1 player in place and that was Omeka Okafor. So they drafted 2 players who they know already fit the style of play that they want. I'm confident that the Bobcats are in the right direction.

This offseason, they'll probably look to fill SF and SG with a stopgap until the next draft, in which they'll try to fill 1 or both of those positions. May and Okafor both can play PF, and Okafor will be their C, while May could fill in there for short spurts if needed.

All in all, I think everyone will be extremely excited to watch this team grow, and the fact that they have 3 young stars in the making will make it more exciting and the fact that they have 2 home grown talents will make it that much better for the fans.

Jeff Dritz said...

Travis, I agree. The Bobcats are building a solid team, and are another draft away from having a very strong foundation. Felton can run their point, and they've now got a strong 3-man rotation in the 4/5 spots (Okafor, May, and Brezec). They need to add a couple good wing players, but they'll be competitive in a couple years.

As for Adam's knock against me for not counting the Cavs' horrible trade of their first-rounder for Jiri Welsch against them, that trade was made while Jim (the lesser) Paxson was still running the club, and I didn't want to go after the new management for mistakes that weren't theirs.