Monday, May 02, 2005

Marred by the Refs

The NBA Playoffs should be entertaining and exhilarating. Well, at least for an NBA fan they should be. Instead, the games are being ruined by absolutely horrific officiating. Seemingly every call is wrong and it feels as if every game is being decided by blown calls. Can't the league find anybody with decent eyesight? The Rockets are now down 3-2 thanks to two ridiculous calls late in the game. The first was a hack by Josh Howard that knocked the ball of T-Mac's fingertips. The refs gave the ball to the Mavs. This NEVER happens. If they didn't want to call a cheap foul, then they just call it out off the fouling player. Horrible call that took the game out of the players' hands. Then tonight, Michael Finley was allowed to strip the ball from Jon Barry (on an eerily similar play to the T-Mac non-foul) while standing squarely out of bounds. It wasn't even close. With Phoenix racking up points and Detroit trying to defend its title and Miami riding Wade and Shaq ... I mean, this should be great. Instead, every game sucks because the refs have no idea what they are doing. Much more of this and I'm boycotting. (Okay, I don't mean that, but you get the idea.)


Anonymous said...

Hey You forgot one in game 4 nuggets vs. spurs when Boykins pulls up in the fourth quarter for a three and hits it. The official no more than 2-3 feet away calls it a three, then the official that was standing under the basket comes over and calls it a two. On replay it was pretty obvious it was a three. If the league doesn't train officials or even better quits telling officials who they want to win.

Plus one more thing when Van Gundy got his 100,000 fine that tells me one thing everything he said was true. Do you think Stern would really say that he might try to run him out of the league if it wasn't true

Jeff Dritz said...

I think Stern knows that Van Gundy can't come out and tell the name of the ref, even if it is true. Van Gundy would never get a close call again. So Stern will make an example of Van Gundy, who will have to swallow his pride and take his punishment.

I was at the Bulls game, and it looked like they got hosed on a number of calls. It also looked like they might be the least talented team in the playoffs (especially with Curry and Deng out), and their offense and defense both looked tragic. And Gilbert Arenas broke my heart. Jannero Pargo is the best worst player in the league.

Adam Hoff said...

Kind of off topic, but if the Rockets want to win this game (8 minutes to go) and this series, they need to play Mike James at all times at the point. Bobby Sura is way too slow and he forces McGrady to bring the ball up. Add that duty to guarding Dirk, rebounding, and doing all the scoring and it's too much. James is the only Rockets guard quick enough to even get the ball down the court. Send Sura to the bench.

Jeff Dritz said...

Good to see that one of my favorite players from the 90s, Dikembe Motumbo, still has a bit left in him. He was written off as irrelevant a couple years ago, but he really imposed his will on D and on the boards last night, and brings more intensity than Yao (though it was nice to see Yao get angry when Josh Howard took him down last night).

Regarding Sura, he really is a lot slower after all the recent injuries. But he plays hard, and backs up his players (as evidenced by his takedown of Howard). But I agree, I'd like to see him spelling James when necessary, not the other way around. Also, the Rockets will win Saturday if Jon Barry hits every shot in the 4th.

It's a shame that either team in the Boston-Indiana series gets to advance, neither deserves to. The Celtics' 2 top players have pulled bonehead moves, Walker getting suspended, and Pierce getting ejected last night. But at least they've persevered with these guys out. The Pacers got rocked by 31 at home by the Walker-less Celts in Game 4, and couldn't capitalize on Pierce's ejection last night and win at home in OT. Their inability to take advantage of these opportunities should cost them Saturday, but I predict they'll still win. They could implode, though, they look terrible at times.