Monday, April 25, 2005

Ron Mexico Central

The one and only ... Ron Mexico
Keep it right here for all the latest on our boy Michael Vick and his infamous alter-ego Ron Mexico.

For an overview of the situation, check out this gem from Gabe Higa:

"My nomination for news story of the year so far is Michael Vick aka Ron Mexico getting sued by some groupie for giving her genital herpes. I missed this story when it first broke because I didn't have as my home page. That was my mistake. Go there and check it out. Here's the skinny:

1) Mike Vick has herpes.
2) We know how Mike likes to 'get down.'
3) Mike is using the alias Ron Mexico to get treated for his STD.
4) The underground movement for Ron Mexico apparel is so strong that the NFL had to issue a statement announcing a ban on the sale of any gear bearing the name 'Ron Mexico' on it.

Hopefully, this story will blow up into a freedom of speech issue and get seen in front of the Supreme Court. You can help by going to and purchasing a t-shirt, and I'm sure EBay has Ron Mexico stuff up for auction as we speak."

Great stuff, although I will point out that it seems has already been squashed, so you'll have to go to


Anonymous said...

Check out this article.

Outstanding stuff.

Adonis Thailand aka Jeff Dritz said...

Check out this great site, you can come up with your own moniker for anonymously spitting game at bars on girls you wouldn't bring home to mom.

From now on when I pass out the clap, I won't need to tell ladies my name is "Adam Hoff."

Adam Hoff said...

That is outstanding. I have a feeling the Ron Mexico jokes will never get old. The real question is whether this will diminish Vick's status and whether the NFL backs away from marketing him as their premier player. He's on Monday Night and Sunday Night football like five times this year. Can you imagine the Ron Mexico Atlanta jerseys that will be popping up on TV this year? Who do you think will be the first NBA player to wear one at a press conference? My money is on K-Mart.

Signing off,

Rocco Aruba

Reed said...

How long before we see a movie featuing a washed up ex porn star-turned detective named Ron Mexico? Honestly, I think the NFL will ride this out and stick with Vick as their household name. Besides, the NFL markets teams, not players.

Branden Higa said...

Hey Adonis Thailand!

My new Ron Mexico name is Giorgio Venezuela. I love this name. I have a dentist appointment next week and I haven't been flossing. I think I am going to use my new name to save myself the embaressment. This is going to work out great!

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