Saturday, October 01, 2005

It All Comes Down to This

160 games in the books. Records knotted at 94-66. Two more to play in Fenway to decide the AL East title. The chance to see if the big Randy Johnson trade was worth it for the Yankees. How is it even possible that the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry can constantly grow more dramatic each year? In 2003 they fought (literally and figuratively) through a wild seven-game ALCS that ended with Aaron "Bleepin" Boone's 10th inning walkoff home run and featured things like Pedro throwing down Zimmer, Grady Little blowing the series by leaving Pedro in too long in Game 7, and Roger Clemens getting roughed up and knocked out early in what looked like it would be the final game of his career (remember that?). Then last year ... I don't even have the energy to recap it. Now it is 2005 and the heat is turned up another notch, because this time, someone might not even make the postseason. I figured this kind of drama was as good of a reason as any to fire up the blog again. So consider this your home for MLB Postseason chatter. We'll be blogging our way through it, from the final weekend of the regular season to the final pitch of the World Series. Enjoy.